Saturday, February 7, 2015

Earn Over N30M Per Year Even If You Only Have Two Days A Week Guaranteed!

Get paid weekly, Receive Brand New Cars 3 Times a year, plus all expense paid foreign trips The first thing that is probably going through your mind is, ‘How possible is it that I can make this much in a year putting in just 2 days a week? If you are like me, you may have tried your hands in many businesses that promised heaven and earth only for it to turn out bad. You may have even burnt your fingers in some and have vowed to just put up with your current situation until when God’s time eventually comes. Well, God’s time is now! The disappointments with face every day are not just there to discourage us but to make us stronger-strong enough to move on to other ventures. If I had looked back at my past failings and choose to be discouraged by them, believe me I won’t be where I am today. If financial freedom is your desired eventual destination, then your need to get up, move on and stay focused. However, not every business opportunity offers the same benefits as you may now know following your several past exploits in the road to financial freedom or in the school of hard knocks. Here is a business that DELIVERS! Not just promises. In April 2014, I and my wife were introduced to this business by an old friend. At first I refused to heed and so we failed to join the business when we should have. Well when she found me too adamant she went through my wife and as women they had a better understanding. She was able to convince my wife who now came hope all excited. My wife wanted me to just do my own research and then make up my mind. It took her one week to get me to give it a look. When I finally did, I got hooked and the rest is history… Between April 2014 till date (less than 1 year later): 1. This business have been paying us weekly without fail for the past 8 months 2. Between myself, my wife and my 2 year old daughter we have now earned in cash plus benefits worth well over N30 Million. 3. A brand New Hyundai Accent 2014 Model plus free registration 4. All-expense paid trip to the United States- Texas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington Dc and New York 5. All-expense paid trip to France 6. All-expense Paid trip to Germany 7. All-expense paid trip to Italy 8. All-expense paid trip to Switzerland 9. Financial freedom that my 2 year daughter’s school fees for the next 3-4 years is already sitting cool in her personal bank account 10. My 8 to 5 job is now seriously threatened 11. My wife is not interested in finding any job: according to her no job could have given her all she has achieved in less than 1 year. Let me bring your into a new world of possibilities. Ladies and gentlemen by now you must be eager to know what business, it is I am talking about. The Business is LONGRICH International Nigeria Limited. Longrich is a Chinese multinational coy presently in 187 countries and made its entrance into the Nigerian market in 2012. Within this period, thousands of Nigerians are now living their dreams courtesy of this company. Hundreds have become owners of brand new cars, house owners, regular international travellers, and above all totally financially free. Do you want to achieve this type of financial freedom? Do you want to be able to travel round the world without spending a single kobo of your own money? Do you want a chance to own up to 3 brand new cars in a year? Or Do you want to finally get your own house worth N25, 000,000 without spending a dime of your own money? If your answer to any of the questions above is ‘Yes’, then read on. HOW DO YOUR BENEFIT FROM THIS ONCE IN A LIFE TIME OPPORTUNITY? All you need to do is become a member of Longrich Int’l by registering with the company. Registration is meant to allow every class of business person to find a suitable entry level depending on your budget and targets. HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED TO GET IN? The system is designed to allow for different categories of people from all works of life. Entry points starts from N37,000 (Silver), N68,000 (Gold), N96,000 (Platinum), N460,000 (VIP). Your entry level determine the amount your are paid actually. Silver – 8% Gold- 10% Platinum- 12% VIP – 12% I’m sure you would have noticed that a VIP member get to earn at the same rate as a Platinum member. So why border about being a VIP member? Simple! LONGRICH treats VIPs as shareholders! 1% of the company’s global sales (in 187 countries) is set aside as VIP incentive bonuses and paid to only VIPs every month. In theory, the entry levels are very flexible as you would observe when you get in. This is an MLM (Multilevel Marketing) business with a difference. Once you come on board, you are requested to make a choice of products from the company’s wide array of products ranging from household, beauty to personal care products: Longrich Superbklean Magnetic Energy Sanitary Napkin Longrich Superbklean Magnetic Energy Panty Liner Longrich Professional White Tea Toothpaste Longrich Natural Essence Bamboo Soap Longrich Classy Style Energy Cup Longrich Anti-Mosquito Spray (Flower and Fruits Fragrance) Longrich Cordyceps Militaris (Northern Chinese Caterpillar Fungus) Longrich NutriVRich Nutritious Vegefruit Instant Drink Longrich Arthro SupReviver Tablets (single bottle) Longrich Mouth Freshener Spray Longrich Health Wine: Longrich Classy Energy Pot Longrich Classy Energy Pot: Longrich Treatment Hair Shampoo: Longrich Herbal Moisturizing Body Wash Longrich Baby Wash Longrich Sheep Placenta SOD Milk Body Cream You sell or use the following items depending on what you chose and recover your initial investment plus profit immediately. Remember nothing is going to be forced on you as you have the right to choose whatever you want. The next step is to tell 3 family member or friends to do exactly what you have done. From that day onwards, the company places you on a weekly salary five weeks later. Your salary comes on Thursday- What we all call Green Thursday. How fast, or how much you earn depends on your commitment to succeed. For a serious minded person who wants to break the chain of poverty, commitment should not be an issue. Some of us have achieved a weekly pay of N300,000 weekly within a period of 6 weeks. Some have even earned over N1.5M a week. Yes! You heard me right. Even an Oil and Gas Company staff will be jealous of you. So Are You Ready To Sign Up? Click this Button I will personally hold your hand and lead you through the entire business and show you how I and my wife have been able to make it within such a short time. I will also add you up to our BBM group chats where you meet with other members where they share experiences and strategies. We also have a WhatsApp group focused on helping you achieve financial freedom with Longrich MLM. Your products will be shipped to you no matter where you reside in Nigeria.
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